Are You Short on Time to Clean?

Schedule a professional cleaning service in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas

When you're as busy as a bee, there isn't much time for you to keep your home or office clean. Don't settle for living in filth and grime. Bees Housekeeping LLC offers residential and commercial cleaning services within a 25-mile radius of Charlotte, NC.

With our professional cleaning service, you can bid dirt and grime goodbye without having to lift a finger. You'll feel more productive in your clean office or more relaxed in your tidy home after a long day. Start enjoying a consistently clean space by calling 704-222-5350 now.

Discover the benefits of a professional cleaning service

Even if you have time to clean, why go through the hassle? Just hire our professional office or house cleaning service, and enjoy consistent, high-quality cleanings.

With a tidy, sanitary space, you'll be able to...

Impress guests when they visit your home
Boost productivity for your business
Improve your indoor air quality

Once things are clean, our professional organizer can establish a system that keeps everything neat. Schedule a free walkthrough today to get an estimate for your specific needs.

What's the buzz about Bees Housekeeping?

Whether you get a one-time move-out cleaning or recurring house cleaning services, you should expect deep cleaning services every time. You can trust our team because we...

Bring over 30 years of experience to each job

Are fully licensed, bonded and insured

Guarantee quality services and client satisfaction

Provide our own cleaning equipment and supplies

Offer affordable packages for any budget

You'll appreciate that our cleaning service will meet your highest standards of cleanliness.